How to Brew

French Press

Step 1: Boil filtered cold water.
Step 2: Use a coarse ground, good quality bean. Add those grounds using one heaping tablespoon per cup into the bottom of the French press. 
Step 3: Slowly pour boiled water over your grounds in a circular motion, to ensure full saturation.
Step 4: Place the lid on top of the French press. Allow the grounds to steep for 2-3 minutes.
Step 5: Applying even pressure, steadily plunge the press.
Step 6: Pour and enjoy.
Quick Tips:
  • Add your coffee directly after grinding to ensure the most flavourful cup
  • If you want your coffee extra hot, you can preheat the French Press by pouring boiling water into the press, waiting 1-2 minutes, and pouring the water out before beginning step 1.
  • We recommend using Black Tractor for a rich dark flavourful press.

Drip Machine

Step 1: Grind coffee to a medium fine ground.
Step 2: Place Coffee filter into filter basket. Add one tablespoon per cup of the grounds to the coffee filter.
Step 3: Add cold, filtered water to the water reservoir. As a general rule, 6 oz of water per cup of coffee desired.
Step 4: Follows manufacturers directions to start brewing.
Quick Tips:
  • Always brew with a clean machine!
  • Use fresh grinds prior to brewing
  • For a stronger coffee, use 4 oz of water per cup of coffee instead of 6 oz.
  • We recommend using Black Tractor, King’s Blend, Happy Jacks, and Late Night

Espresso Machine

Step 1: Add water to your machine’s water reservoir (follow manufacturer directions) and turn on the machine. Wait for machine to heat.
Step 2: Fill the portable filter of your espresso machine with finely ground coffee. Use enough grounds that the portable filter is filled to the brim.
Step 3: Use a tamper to push down the grounds, this ensures that your coffee produces a stronger, fuller flavour.
Step 4: Once tampered, secure the portable filter into the machine, place 1-2 cups under the portable filter and press the shot button (follow manufacturer directions).
Quick Tips:
  • Always work with a clean machine!
  • If you do not have a tamper, use a small heavy cup to compress the coffee into the portable filter
  • For a stronger espresso shot, place 1 cup under the portable filter.
  • We recommend using Farmhouse to achieve the perfect espresso shot.

Chemex/ Pour Over:

Step 1: Pre-boil water
Step 2: Place Chemex filter or coffee filter inside the pour over. Pour hot water into the coffee filter to seal the filter and preheat the brewer. Pour the excess water out.
Step 3: Using a coarse medium grind, add approximately 6 tablespoons to the filter (to make 2 cups of coffee). 
Step 4: Pour hot water over the grounds, just enough to saturate the grounds. Stir the grounds and the water with a chopstick or spoon to remove clumps. Wait 30 seconds, then pour the remainder of the water (approximately 4 cups of water total).
Step 5: Wait 4 minutes. Remove the filter and grounds. Serve immediately.
Quick Tips:
  • Use filtered water.
  • Play with the number of grinds to achieve your personal perfect flavour.
  • We recommend using Black Tractor, Happy Jacks, and King’s Blend with the pour over method!